the problem with a phone that JUST came out:

  1. scandals
  2. realizing that you need a bigger case
  3. I spent $40 on a charging case and $30 on a really good everyday case AND NOW YOU CHANGE THE SIZE WHY jfghdfghdhfdjkgh
  4. searching the internet for cases and realizing everything (unless its a bumper casing) is $30 up.
  5. realizing every case you want is backordered.
  6. realizing you don’t even have your phone cause its also back-ordered and won’t ship for another month.


never had a song hit me so strongly while out somewhere until this summer hanging around Acadia National Park in Maine.

hearing the waves come and crash on the rocks at Thunder Hole and at the tiny rock beach I went to… this song was all I could hear in my head. I just stared out into the ocean for a very, very long time.

probably one of the deepest moments of my life.