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  • foursquare:

    Everyone explores the world differently – guided by their own unique tastes, their friends, and the people they trust. Local search has never been good at this. It doesn’t get you, and, as a result, everyone gets the same one-size-fits-all results. Why should two very different people get the…

    this was probably one of my favorite apps to use while traveling, now that’s broken down into 2… this kinda bites. I keep saying i’m going to leave 4sq but its hard to. I like keeping track of where i’m at.

    on the other hand i can’t stand swarm. idk. i’m torn.

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  • thelawnwrangler:


    the Greenberg OST is so damn good.

    ^ gotta agree right there, that OST meshed so well with Greenberg. Looking forward to what he selects and makes this time.

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  • I never have the heart to skip The Bravery’s “This is Not The End” when it comes on my iTunes.

    Brings me to tears.

    I miss them.

  • every summer, cause I spend it mostly landlocked until I hit up New England or the Eastern Shore.

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  • what all spanish kids feared back in the day

    myself included.

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  • tywy90:

    When the teacher asks for your homework that you didn’t do

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  • lol

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  • it’s so cool to see people be in the same places I was at a few weeks beforehand. there’s a person I follow on twitter who took a picture in front of the place where we docked my friends boat at in Boothbay Harbor!

    Man I miss New England.

  • I miss my friends.

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  • since i’ve come back from New England i’ve been saying “wicked” a lot (thanks to my friends who are all New Englanders born and raised), the sudden urge for dunkin donuts coolattas keeps bothering me despite the fact I now have 4593475374584 starbucks coffee’s within a 4 mile radius, and I’M AT HOME. no lakes, no readily available kayaks, the Potomac is disgusting and i’m nowhere near the ocean.

    keep in mind i’ve been back since last tuesday.

    this is a struggle.

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